We, XR Universities, declare ourselves in rebellion.

We rebel against our universities’ and governments’ failure to adequately act and teach the truths about the ecological and climate crisis.

We rebel against the entrenched educational systems, institutional ideologies and power structures that underpin the climate emergency.

We rebel against the privileged access to knowledge and its production.

We rebel with non-violence and education.

We demand our institutions reform and act in accordance to the climate knowledge they produce; making this accessible to all through bridging the gap between academia and the public, and the sharing of knowledge.

We will disrupt until concrete action on divestment, decolonisation and diversification within our universities is taken.

We call on all disciplines, departments and fields to engage honestly, openly and creatively with the climate crisis, whilst applauding those faculties already endeavouring to do this.

We celebrate all forms of learning; opening our hearts and minds to the diverse perspectives and experiences within human understanding; amplifying the voices of those long teaching the inherent value and knowledge within the Earth’s life-systems; and exploring the role of the arts alongside the sciences in tackling climate change, the spiritual alongside the material.

We seek the guidance and wisdom of movements of students, educators and activists across the globe, recognising those that came before us and those ongoing; drawing upon a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience, and galvanised by a rich history of student-led collective change.

We endeavour to foster international solidarity and collaboration; a Movement of Movements, centred upon a common purpose of climate education, conversation and justice; ensuring the truths are spoken about the ecological emergency and injustice that already exists for our fellow beings across the planet, human and non-human alike.

We place utmost value on student and staff wellbeing, above and beyond student and staff results, within a regenerative culture; recognising that only from a peaceful inner climate can a truly non-violent world be formed.

We pledge to remain humbly aware of our privileged access to knowledge; subverting the same ideologies and structures that underpin this and the climate catastrophe, as we strive to create an open, accessible and universal education for all.

Our rebellion is simple and direct: Disruption through tangible educational alternatives.

We are not calling for what we want, we are creating it.

We invite all interested groups of students, youth, academics, trade unions, communities and other campaigners, particularly those already engaged in activism on such issues all over the World, to link up with us for the Global Justice harmonisation of efforts, in building a Movement of Movements for Educational Transformation.

XR Universities, UK