The UK’s democratic heart is at Risk, we must act now and stop the #PolicingBill

The UK is bringing in a new “Crime, Sentencing and Courts” Bill that will make protest more legally dangerous, limit the rights of citizens and further increase the rights of police. There are many problems with this bill:

  • The powers will disproportionately affect specific minority and ethnic communities and is likely to be in conflict with human rights legislationa direct attack on the nomadic way of life of Gypsy and Traveller communities for the crime of having nowhere else to go.
  • Rapists will have shorter sentences than protesters in some cases.
  • Those protesting alone will be liable to prosecution if its at risk of disturbing the peace. (Greta would be liable for prosecution under this)
  • The new Policing Bill introduces draconian new police powers to decide where, when and how citizens are allowed to protest and have their voices heard by those in power.

“The creation of a new trespass offence targeted at Gypsies and Travellers will also restrict protest camps and deter access to the countryside. This bill would significantly restrict the kind of peaceful protest that was essential in communities resisting – and defeating – fracking.” Friends of the earth.

Please make this national news, and urge your MP to oppose the bill. Protests are planned in opposition once covid is over.

Sign a petition to show your opposition here. ,

This bill puts peaceful protests at risk, protest is a democratic essential right. #STOPTHEPOLICINGBILL

This 15-year-old Girl Breaks Swedish Law for the Climate | by We Don't Have  Time | We Don't Have Time | Medium

Find the proposed draconian and authoritarian bill here:

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