Register to Vote and help save the climate

This election is the MOST important election in the UK than ever before because politicians are not doing enough for climate and global justice.

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Why is it important?

Historically, the youth have been severely underrepresented by governing politicians. This is because not many young people actually turn out to vote, therefore politicians do not pander to what the youth want because they do not need their vote. But we shouldn’t blame ourselves completely. the government actively takes certain measures to ensure the youth has a low turn-out. In fact, our right to vote is being hidden from us year upon year with every passing government who’s interest it is to have our voices silenced. This is because young people have an unbelievable amount of power to completely overhaul the current political system.

For example, if all 18-25 yr olds voted and all voted together for either the conservative or labour party in the 2010 elections, we would have pushed our chosen party into a majority and the split government wouldn’t have happened. 

How are the youth being discouraged to vote?

– The lack of education on basic politics: did anyone leave school knowing exactly how the system works and how to access their vote?

– Sly changes to how we register our vote: ie. now we aren’t registered under one household we have to re-apply every time we move, this makes it more difficult for young people, homeless people, and BME groups to vote … & who does this benefit? 

– The choice to have this election (12th) around the time where most universities break up for Christmas is more calculated than you may think. 
“It has been suggested that an election in mid-December, close to the end of term, could affect the student vote. Students may be registered to vote at home but still be at university or college on polling day, or vice versa.

According to higher education policy website WonkHE, 16 December is the most common end of term date for universities in the UK – but many finish after that. Only a handful finish before 16 December and before the expected election date.”
Photography: @adamscreativemedia

We have until midnight on November 26th to vote. Register now to get your vote heard.

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